Kathryn Hogg Sculpture Workshop

Cost for members is $165 for eight classes, this includes the modelling fee.
(runs from February 6 to March 27, 12:30 - 3:00 pm)

This eight week class will focus on the process of building a three dimensional clay figure.

The first class will include familiarizing oneself with the techniques and tools of building up a 3D form followed by 3 classes of working from a live figure.  Students will then work independently and create their own sculpture with input from the instructor in regard to anatomy and to hollow, reassemble and consider the surface in preparation for firing.  After several weeks of drying, the class will reunite to discuss final finishes for the fired piece.

Instructor Kathryn Hogg has a BA in Fine Arts from McMaster University, and has been creating and exhibiting her work locally and internationally.  Locally she is known for the Fishermen’s Memorial Sculpture at the pier in Port Dover.

EMAIL sdresser@eastlink.ca TO REGISTER

The deadline to sign up is January 31st